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name: Sam

age: 17
birthday: May 4th
zodiac: Taurus
single or taken: single
height: 5’1”
eye color: brown
middle name: Josephine
favorite color:  Lilac
lucky number: 8


hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
favorite fictional character: why choose?
favorite television show: Hannibal
describe yourself in a few words: Politely demanding
meaning of your name: N/A
ultimate otp: Emma/Neal
what do you plan to/do for a living: Writing
starbucks order: starbucks? I brew my own coffee.


introvert or extrovert: introvert
dawn or dusk
: dawn
righty or lefty: righty
coffee or tea: coffee
rain or shine: shine
reading or writing: writing

Stumble || Samuel & Michael


Michael was busy with endless amounts of prayers and had no time to do anything else. He had neglected his prayers to long because he had to deal with the problems of some of the other angels.

He had just finished helping out a young girl who was a cancer patient. Should would get through the process of chemo and will be done with cancer once and for all. However, this will be a long couple of months.

Not surprisingly, the oldest archangel never seemed to receive thanks. His other brother, Raphael, would receive thanks every day. He had a fair share amount of thankful prayers and needy prayers.

His wings twitched behind him as he heard a piercing prayer. He felt the weakening of one of his brothers and it hit Michael deeply. It was the faintest of calls. He could just ignore the simple call for help that was so desperately trying to reach for him and just continue answering the other prayers that had been waiting, or he could go help his lost brother.

In a split second, the archangel had appeared in a dark forest. His light emitted everywhere at his arrival. Whatever evil creature the light touched, they seemed to vanish. Except for the one that seemed to be latched onto the one who had called for help.

He walked up behind the demon and placed his left hand onto the horrid creature. Without a second thought, the demon burst into a light of its own and burned internally.

All of a sudden, Samuel felt a warm presence. But not warm like motherly, more like warm in the powerful, elegant sense. Sam would say he’d felt it before, because he had, but where- that was another story; and a question he could not answer. 

The demon that held him did not continue for long. A figure came up behind it, and all Samuel saw before a blinding light was a hand on the demon’s shoulder. And then it felt like he was being smothered… or soothed, he couldn’t tell what end the presence was trying to get to, but he appreciated it none-the-less.

When the light died down, he didn’t feel like he was in any danger anymore. When he opened his eyes, he found himself staring at the ground, on his knees as if bowing. He’d never felt such an overwhelming feeling of submission and thankfulness flow through him. Getting the hint from the nature of his reaction, he assumed that whoever saved him was more than just a regular angel passing by. Being so floored by his presence, Samuel could only guess… archangel.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he couldn’t control the words flying out.

"I’m so sorry for troubling you," he said, his voice pleading. "I was foolish thinking I could take on those demons on my own. Cupids are docile creatures not made to fight or oppose. I apologize again for my foolishness…"

Sam almost rolled his eyes at himself, but instead he just waited for the archangels reply.

Playing With Fire || Gabriel


Ah, he was spotted; he felt eyes upon him now. A quick glance showed little to the archangel’s prying eyes; he didn’t try to force the being out of hiding just yet.  Oh no, Gabriel was far too busy trying to worm the information on why the act had been pulled on the boy. Said, embarrassed boy knew little about it of course. It just took a little bit for Gabriel to pull some strings and figure out the true reason.

A chuckle was brought to his lips, wandering away from the scene ever so slightly; his sibling was nearby still. His sibling that happened to have a rather good eye for sending just desserts to annoyances in the world. Really, there needed to be more like this little one. Gabriel should teach the poor fledgling everything he knew.

He was pulled out of his thoughts a second time by the presence wandering closer, and then a voice above him. Gabriel’s eyes were quick to land upon Samuel’s face—far above his own. Curse tall vessels.


"The Trickster,"He hummed in return, glancing back forwards. "Also known as Gabriel. I must say I admire your low key handy work on that boy. I think with a bit of refining you would be able to pull off bigger—and better—stunts."

There was a twinkle in his eye as he looked back upwards,”—And I know just the teacher.”

Sam had met angels before. Well, he was an angel, too, so of course he’s met his brothers and sisters. Samuel had met higher up angels, like the soldier angels, and medic angels, but archangel? No. That was always out of the question. Looking, admiring, and aiming to be like them, but meeting? Absolutely not.

So that’s why when Gabriel introduced himself, Sam let his jaw drop a bit, staring at the archangel like he was in a trance. The urge to get down on his knees was stronger than it was before he knew who the angel was, but he fought it none-the-less.

"G-g-g-" Sam stuttered, before blinking a few times to collect himself. "G-Gabriel? L-like the archangel?"

And then the rest of what he said dawned on him.

"Gabriel the archangel is impressed with my low-key tricks,” he said, mostly to himself. He grinned. “And… you… would be willing to teach me?”

He felt as if he were about to explode. This was possibly the best day of his life. His wings itched for a lift off, but he somehow contained himself.

(ooc: sometimes I wish I hadn’t deleted devil-on-my-back-ask because torchered/amnesiac Sam is probably the best Sam.)

Fools || Felix & [OPEN] »



Felix hurried into his bedroom above his workshop, the package in his hands wrapped in plain brown paper. The words “It gets chilly at night. Keep warm, Felix" were written on a white note taped to the package.

Felix was excited, because he never got packages. It could be from anyone, but it…

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*Rose jumped slightly when the arrow hit the door frame and she turned around to look at Sam. She had been fighting her tears. She wouldn’t cry. Not in front of him. Not in front of anyone. She had lived her life thinking it as a weakness, and now that it was the only thing she wanted to do at the moment, but she wouldn’t allow herself to do it.*

*At his words though, she blinked a few times in shock and ran a hand through her hair.* Sam I.. I don’t think you could love me the way I am… But I’m not changing either… *She said before her arms wrapped around herself. Anyone would assume she was cold, but she was just trying to keep herself from bursting into tears.*

Fine… You know what, you just do whatever the hell you want. You want to try to love me, go ahead. No promises I’ll love you back. *She muttered harshly before turning to go back inside but she stopped.*

If you want to come back inside, that’s fine… Just no more truth or dare… I think we’ve had enough of that. *She said, loud enough so Sam could hear before she walked inside, leaving the door open just in case.*

Sam smiled to himself, a small twitch of his lips, and put his wings away. He knew this wasn’t exactly the right time to be amused, but all the same, he felt that he had something with her. He didn’t know what it was, but he thought he had it anyways.

He walked over to the door, giving the world behind him one last glance. He felt his heart lurch thinking about what he’d been meaning to do. Hurt Rose? He could never do that- he could never hurt Rose. It really hadn’t been that long that they’d known each other; but it was something. Maybe it was his turn to fall in love.

He walked inside and caught her wrist in his hand. He didn’t pull her in, but rather just made sure she stopped. She didn’t have to even look at him, just… listen.

"Rose, talk to me," he said softly. "I trust you, and I’m sorry about my rashness. It comes with being a Cupid and sometimes I can’t- sometimes I can’t control it."

Six steps to stay alive during nesting season


  • Do no resist an angel when they ask for clothing; You’ll regret it
  • Do not touch their nest when it’s in construction; You will loose a limb.
  • Unless you are the intended mate, do not lay in, sit on, or stare at the nest.
  • Do not make fun of an angel for nesting; They don’t appreciate that.
  • Do no ask for the clothing back; It belongs to them now.
  • Just don’t resist; If you like being alive, do as they say.